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Private Investigators & Detectives in Jacksonville, Florida

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BI Group


Buchanan Investigation Group (BI group) is a Private Investigation Agency headquartered in Jacksonville, FL. Founded on the principle that clients deserve the highest quality of service delivered by the best private investigators in the industry, Bi group employs only trusted and Licensed Florida Private Investigators. Our clients include individuals, attorneys, businesses, insurance companies, and government agencies. With BI group, you can trust that your interests are our highest priority. Our private investigators are seasoned professionals with expertise in family law investigations, infidelity investigations, alimony investigations, criminal defense investigations, surveillance investigations, complex interviews, witness statements, crime / fraud investigations, locating people and property, healthcare fraud investigations, cyber discovery, and legal testimony.

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BI group endeavors to provide the clients with the highest quality of services without compromising confidentiality. We understand how important it is to be discrete as a private investigator. Thus, we are highly cautious of the investigators we make a part of our team. We strive to make sure that the people looking for private investigators in Florida do not feel let down due to a lack of quality services.

Our team comprises trusted and licensed investigators, all of whom are highly competent. Whether it is the individuals from Jacksonville, Florida looking for investigation services, or large corporations, we are available for everyone.

When you look for FL private investigators, you undoubtedly want someone who would value your interests and safeguard them. We wouldn’t let you down in this regard. When you hire our investigative services, you can be assured that you have entrusted the responsibility into capable hands. The investigators who form part of our team are experienced professionals, competent to conduct tricky interviews, extract witness statements, uncover crimes and frauds, do surveillance, and do a lot more.

We have dealt with workers battling compensation insurers and have also extended our services to family law and criminal defense attorneys. Whether it is a small business or large companies, or merely individuals, we are just a call away for those looking for services of a Florida private investigator.

Tracy Buchanan


Chief Executive Officer


Buck Buchanan is the founder and CEO of Buchanan Investigation Group (BI group). He is a resourceful and accomplished professional with extensive management, training, investigation and public safety experience in the criminal and civil investigation arenas. He is a proven leader in the investigation industry with the ability to operate in high-pressure situations and is adept at quickly establishing leads and utilizing contacts/recourses to deliver first class investigative results. He has a strong reputation for honesty, loyalty, and integrity with an equally strong knowledge of global investigative strategies, public safety, and investigative procedures. Buck is a prior Florida Police Detective/Deputy/Officer and U.S. State Department International Police Advisor (IPA). He served six years in the United States Navy and holds a B.A. from Columbia College in Criminology.


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BI Group

Our investigators are the best in Florida. We get results and we get them fast. Our attention to detail and our expert knowledge of all aspects of investigation work consistently obtain the results our customers expect. Our access to unique resources is another reason we deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients. Located in North/Central Florida with IMMEDIATE coverage areas including, but not limited to, Jacksonville, Saint Augustine, Ponte Vedra, Palm Coast, Palatka, Orange Park, Middleburg, Ocala, Gainesville, Orlando and Lake City, with Statewide services available upon request. We know the state of Florida like the back of our hand and only hire the most talented investigators.


Perhaps you are going through a divorce and are unable to reach a settlement with your partner. Maybe you feel that your spouse is cheating on you and need proof of their infidelity. If you suspect your partner is not faithful to you but cannot find the required evidence, trust us to get the job done. We will handle the job with discretion and effectiveness.

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Insurance Claim Investigation


High-cost claims can be a challenge for all insurance carriers. There is always a chance of the claim being fraudulent. Our claims investigation services can come to your aid. Via our services, insurance companies can acquire pivotal information that would allow them to evaluate a claim.

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Corporate and Employee Private Investigations


The kind of employees you hire can make and break your business. Employee turnover can be quite costly, which is where our services can help you out. We know where to look for answers. You can also avail our services to formulate a proper strategy to protect your company against potential threats and identify lapses in your security. 

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Credible pieces of evidence and testimonies are critical to winning lawsuits, and our team of investigators understands this. Our services can be availed by legal teams to make their cases stronger, find witnesses, or do surveillance. We will do everything possible to ensure that the attorney is provided with everything he needs to fight and win the case.

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Professional, highly competent and expeditious. Respected by St. John’s County attorneys. Shares professional insight should you have additional questions or concerns.

Andrew G
Most Professional. Our Industry could use more like this Agency! BI went out of their way to provide a service to us that they were not obligated to do. Saved my business $$. Would recommend to anyone.
Marion B
I am an attorney from Nashville and I hired Buck and his team to track down some people that absolutely did not want to be found. BI Group did great work for us by generating solid leads, talking to people, and even good old fashioned stake-outs that ultimately got the job done. Very nice people that were patient with us and worked well with us throughout the whole thing. Worth every penny.
John B


we are always available to commence your much-required investigation process. You can get us started in multiple ways. Give us a call or email us. We offer free consultation as well, and you can get a price quote for your assignment.
We deal with a lot of people who have never hired a private investigator before and thus are experienced in handling them. Before you contact us, make sure that you are aware of your expectations and budget. What do you want the private investigator to find is something you need to be clear about. We will then provide you with all the options and quotes. Reach out to us for all the answers.