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Attorney Investigations

BI group understands that lawsuits are won and lost by the credible evidence and testimony that is available. Our seasoned investigators support our Client’s legal action by determining the truth, gathering the evidence and documenting the facts. We use capabilities such as video surveillance, canvassing, witness interviewing, locating persons for trial, service court documents and web / database searches to successfully investigate your case. Our investigators are also highly trained to testify on all facts discovered during the investigation.


Defense Investigation – uncover evidence that supports client’s innocence. Determine credibility of evidence and witnesses. Locating and interviewing witnesses. Testifying.

During divorce and even after divorce one of the biggest issues between ex’s are the welfare of the children. Our investigators leave no stone unturned in making sure that all activities that impact the children are reported per the facts. This evidence is key to creating or modifying child custody and child support orders within the family law court system.

Surveillance is a powerful tool in the investigative process. It provides both a visual and written record of the activities of the person being investigated and includes their habits, movements, activities and locations. Surveillance can provide critical evidence when cases go to court or can be pivotal in keeping cases out of court. All our investigators are professional and experienced when needed to testify in court or during mediation. Prior to starting any surveillance case, preliminary investigation using computer searches and interviews will be utilized to maximize effectiveness and minimize costliness of surveillance.

We know that in potential personal injury or other liability cases it is sometimes very competitive to get the Client to complete the paperwork that authorizes the case. We are skilled at not only getting the Client convinced they have found the right attorney but also in getting the paperwork finalized. This includes sometimes going to places where it is difficult to access the Client.

An investigative canvass used to uncover prior conditions and / or injuries, undisclosed medical treatments or prior claims. Also, used to uncover prior pharmacy usage, pain mgmt. clinic visits, sleep testing and substance abuse counseling. Finally, canvassing can uncover gym, country club and athletic league participation. All this evidence can be used to uncover fraudulent complaints of health, mobility, injuries and other issues.

Our standard background investigations include criminal history, financial and credit history, employment history and verification. For a more comprehensive background investigation, we can also verify education, work history, driving records, public record information, claims histories, judgements and social media sites and usage. Understanding what is in the plaintiff and / or defendant’s background can be key to determining the success of a case.

A locate is when someone asks us to find someone. This can be a missing person, a potential witness, a lost love one, relative or friend. BI group uses various databases and interviewing skills to quickly find the one you are searching for. We can contact the person and let them know you are searching for them or we can put you directly in touch and let you make first contact.

A complete search of all past and future assets, vehicles, real estate, and other property associated with a claimant.

Credible pieces of evidence and testimonies are critical to winning lawsuits, and our team of investigators understands this.

Our services can be availed by legal teams to make their cases stronger, find witnesses, or do surveillance. We will do everything possible to ensure that the attorney is provided with everything he needs to fight and win the case.