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Corporate Investigations

Buchanan Investigation Group provides an extensive range of professional investigations and services to businesses and corporations throughout the Jacksonville area and the State of Florida. Whether your firm is experiencing internal theft issues, corporate espionage, workplace violence, or you need professional screening for prospective employees, Buchanan Investigation Groups’ experienced investigators will work with you to protect your business.


Hiring the right employees is key for every successful business. Employee turnover is costly is many ways. Our pre-employment investigation will provide peace of mind that your potential employee is who he/she says they are. We offer two types of background checks; standard and comprehensive.

Claiming an injury that didn’t occur or not related to an employee’s job is more common than we would like to believe. Also, claiming disability that prevents the employee from working, while working another job is another common fraud. Employees are able to commit this fraud because of support from

Surveillance is a powerful tool in the investigative process. It provides both a visual and written record of the activities of the person being investigated and includes their habits, movements, activities and locations. Surveillance can provide critical evidence when cases go to court or can be pivotal in keeping cases out of court. All our investigators are professional and experienced when needed to testify in court or during mediation. Prior to starting any surveillance case, preliminary investigation using computer searches and interviews will be utilized to maximize effectiveness and minimize costliness of surveillance.

Corporate theft is costly and can be defined as missing inventory or money, cargo, physical or intellectual property theft, theft of time or services and many others. Our investigators are highly skilled and bring various tools and techniques. These run the gamut from suspect and witness interviews to record searches to surveillance to covert camera installations. We discover the truth and support it with hard evidence.

An investigative canvass used to uncover prior conditions and / or injuries, undisclosed medical treatments or prior claims. Also, used to uncover prior pharmacy usage, pain mgmt. clinic visits, sleep testing and substance abuse counseling. Finally, canvassing can uncover gym, country club and athletic league participation. All this evidence can be used to uncover fraudulent complaints of health, mobility, injuries and other issues.

Our standard background investigations include criminal history, financial and credit history, employment history and verification. For a more comprehensive background investigation, we can also verify education, work history, driving records, public record information, claims histories, judgements and social media sites and usage. Understanding what is in the plaintiff and / or defendant’s background can be key to determining the success of a case.

The kind of employees you hire can make and break your business. Employee turnover can be quite costly, which is where our services can help you out.

For one thing, you can avail our services to run a thorough background check on all your employees to ensure that your secrets are safeguarded, and no one is in cahoots with your competitors. 

Perhaps you suspect that one of your employees is backstabbing you. We can unearth the evidence needed to reach the truth.

We know where to look for answers. You can also avail our services to formulate a proper strategy to protect your company against potential threats and identify lapses in your security.